On1 Resize Ai 2023 V17 0 2 13102 Multilingual

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On1 Resize Ai 2023 V17 0 2 13102 Multilingual

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Size: 348.51 MB

Requirements: N/A
License: Full_version
Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch
Author: ON1
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Photoshop - Resizing Images
The use of Resize & Clear software is an easy way to change the size of your computer screen. To change the size of an object in a rectangular container such as an article of clothing so that it occupies more vertical space is called resizing. Resizing a computer screen is similar to resizing an article of clothing. A computer user resizes an object by using mathematical techniques to change the size of the computer display. The software has been designed so that the size you see on your screen is the exact size as the computer display.
Resizing a computer display is also known as stretching or compressing the image. When images are resized, they are transformed to take into account the new width and height of the displayed image. The transformation affects every aspect of the original image, including colors and edges. If you are resizing an image, you need to be aware of the number of pixels being changed, the format of the pixels being changed and if any of the pixels are black it will not have an effect on your image. The following factors need to be considered when resizing an image; the screen resolution, the number of colors to be used, the size of the border and finally the aspect ratio of the stretched image.
One important thing to remember about resizing images is that if you change the size of the border, you might alter the aspect ratio. If you change the width and height of your image then you might alter the aspect ratio of the stretched image. It is easy to lose control when resizing images once you start to see stretched lines in your image. To avoid this problem it is recommended that you do not resize images unless you know exactly what you are doing. When resizing images in Photoshop it is best to use the Image Tool and resample the image first using the command shortcut, this will ensure that you get consistent pixel alignment.
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