Vemto 1.1.6

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Vemto 1.1.6 | 61.1 Mb
Vemto is a Desktop Application that will power the way you start new Laravel Projects.

Complete application generation
It can generate all Application and API files, from Model and Controllers to the CRUD Views, including Master-Detail forms.
Clean & Extensible Code
Vemto generates code that is, at the same time: clean, tested (TDD), simple, and highly extensible.
Field Type suggestion
It comes with a library of common fields and automatically suggests the field type, size, items (for enums), and the faker code (but you can change all settings if necessary).
Table auto creation
When you add a relationship that needs extra tables, like a Belongs to Many, it generates the necessary tables for you.
Field auto creation
When you add a relationship, it automatically generates the necessary fields and foreign keys for you.
CRUD Editor
With the CRUD Editor, it is possible to edit the applications forms, validation, etc.
Settings for Code Generation
You can control a lot of code generation settings, for example: use Fillable or Guarded strategy for mass assignment, change the default Auth. Model, change the folder and namespace to generate the Models, the Controllers, the CSS Framework, etc.
Modular Code Generation
You can select what modules you want to generate the code, for example: if you don't want to generate the Blade Views, only uncheck it before generating the code.
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