Nervous Coordination

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Nervous Coordination
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Biology Lecturer[/center]

What you'll learn
Conduct lectures for students. Teach biology science to the students by enplaning the complex subject matter and answering their quires
Provide coaching to the students. Provide feedback to the students about their in class test and examination and help them improve.
Help students to prepare for exams. Discuss and analyze a piece of young adult fiction with students.
Supervise the students the laboratory work and guide them during experiments .
Conduct experiments to give example to the students
No programming skills needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
In this course, I teach Introduction of Nervous Coordination, Neuron and its types, Nerve impulses types and its forms, Synapses and its types, and Organization of Human Nervous System. I explained all topics very clearly. I explained nervous coordination in a very attractive and modern way to help students to improve their concept of the nervous system. Students gain a deep understanding of the human brain works behind the scene. In this course, I gave a diagrammatical view of the human nervous system and used a whiteboard with colorful markers, and draw clear diagrams to help students understand the lecture. In this course, you will become a part of our classroom community, not only as a writer but also as a reader and critics. You will explore and practice implementing these new strategies over the course. This is one of the most comprehensive courses available for students. After taking this course, the students will be able to clear all concepts about the Nervous System. This course is very fruitful for students because it's a great concept about the nervous system. This course will provide an overview of the processes and problems common in biological development. After taking this course students must be familiar with the human nervous system. Go and check my intro video and take my course.
Who this course is for
Students from grade 9th to 12th
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