Locklands by Robert Jackson Bennett

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Locklands by Robert Jackson Bennett | 2.82 MB
English | 544 Pages

Title: Locklands
Author: Robert Jackson Bennett
Year: 2022

The jaw-dropping conclusion to the acclaimed Founders Trilogy, from the Hugo-nominated author of Foundryside and Shorefall
"Bennett concludes his Founders trilogy . . . with characteristically high-spirited mayhem. Great fun, with nonstop action."-Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Sancia, Clef, and Berenice have gone up against long odds in the past. But the war they're fighting now is one even they can't win.
This time, they're not facing robber-baron elites or even an immortal hierophant, but an entity whose intelligence is spread over half the globe-one that uses the magic of scriving to control not just objects but human minds.

To fight it, they've used scriving technology to transform themselves and their allies into an army-a society-unlike anything humanity has seen before. With its strength at their backs, they've freed a handful of...

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