Steinberg Cubase Artist 7 download now [cracked] full

 Steinberg Cubase Artist 7 [cracked] download

Cubase Artist 7 from Steinberg is an audio and MIDI recording/editing digital audio workstation that offers a range of proven editing and sequencing tools. Ideal for solo artists, bands, and project studio owners, the software sports an easy-to-use interface, excellent performance and multiple instruments and effects.

For the songwriter, the software offers a full complement of creative tools that are both easy to use and musical. For bands recording themselves, the integrated mixing desk combines flexibility with channel strip modules for pro-console sound. For electronic music producers, a large arsenal of synthesizers and creative effects allows for experimental sound design by using both analog and next-generation granular synthesizers over intuitive beat creation.

Steinberg Cubase Artist 7 - Music Production Software

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For vocal recordings Cubase includes a complete toolset for correction and enhancement. For creating hip hop, rap or techno music, the software includes an MPC-style drum sampler and an intuitive step sequencer along with beat mangling tools. And for the guitarist, VST Amp Rack delivers rock-solid tones for any guitar tracks while offering multiple amps, classic stomp box effects, speaker cabinets and microphone models. The plug-in also includes signature presets crafted by world-class guitarists.

The software is the perfect choice for newcomers and seasoned musicians alike, with the user only needing to supply a computer, an I/O interface and monitoring to have access to virtually every tool possible for creating professional audio.

What’s New in Cubase Artist 7
  • MixConsole excels in terms of usability, look and feel with flexible channel layout, 12 dB boost, dedicated processing power per channel, and comprehensive online and offline automation tools
  • A/B comparison and global bypass for all audio effects, a plug-in search function, as well as drag-and-drop support throughout
  • Dynamic sends and inserts provide a streamlined overview
  • Channel Meter Bridge lets you keep track of your signals
  • Full-screen mode and total scalability – perfect for notebook screens and large-scale displays
  • View Sets allow for defining which combination EQ, dynamics, sends are inserts are shown and for storing favorite setups
  • Channel Zones – specify which channels you want to use and where you want to see them
  • Customizable track icons and channel notepad
  • Redesigned Channel Settings window provides quick access to all channel parameters, including input metering, routing assignments, the new channel strip with EQ and dynamics modules, and essential aux as well as cue sends to create individual cue mixes
  • Hermode tuning technology changes the intonation of synthesized notes dynamically on the fly for compatibility with well-tempered scales, while retaining a high degree of purity for third and fifth intervals
  • Perfect when combining non-fixed-intonation instruments, like brass and woodwind, and fixed-intonation instruments, such as guitars and piano, making entire orchestral arrangements sound immediately clearer
  • New drum samples and patterns in thirty new drum kits for Groove Agent ONE
  • Thousands of MIDI construction loops taken directly from Sequel provide the building blocks to create song with only a few steps
  • Each loop automatically loads the corresponding sounds from HALion Sonic SE, ranging from orchestral motives to rock riffs, to just plain strange
  • MemZap allows you to store the exact position and zoom factors of your project for recall and to hop between them whenever you like
  • Bulletproof ASIO-Guard technology for intelligent dropout-prevention algorithms
  • Over four hours of online video tutorials in HD quality
  • Quick Start tutorials show the basics in over two hours of video footage while the New Features tutorials show new features in detail
  • Subtitles are available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese
  • Steinberg Hub provides tons of helpful information and alongside the enhanced Project Assistant, you now find a list of regularly updated video tutorials and RSS feeds to keep you informed about Cubase updates, support news, or product releases
  • Entire user interface available in Portuguese

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Key Editor

  • At the heart of MIDI sequencing is the Key Editor, a powerful yet transparent tool which offers functional wealth that opens up virtually limitless possibilities for songwriters and composers
  • Entering, cutting, moving and transposing individual notes or whole chords, editing any of the hundreds of MIDI parameters available or reworking even the most subtle nuances of a MIDI performance are just some of the tasks for which the Key Editor has been developed and refined
  • The Inspector provides smooth and intuitive access to the most important MIDI tools and functions, including Expression Maps, Note Expression, Quantize, Transpose, Length and many more in one central spot
  • Note Expression integration allows for assigning, creating and editing multiple controller values directly on the single note level in the Key Editor
  • With the In-place Editing function, users can also process MIDI parts directly in the Project window in context with other tracks

Score Editor

  • Integrated notation environment for viewing and editing the music in the form of scores, with limited support for symbols, display, and editing options
  • Support for lyrics as well as adding text
  • Includes hundreds of professional notation symbols

Drum Editor

  • Highly intuitive environment for constructing and reworking beats, rhythms and grooves
  • Multiple features let you come up with the perfect rhythm for your song or production

List Editor

  • The List Editor is a powerful MIDI editing tool that gives fast access to every single aspect of a MIDI note and can be a huge timesaver in complex projects

Chord Track

  • Facilitates working with chords in a project context and enables transform and harmonize functions throughout the application
  • Advanced voicing options are used to reflect any changes made to the Chord Track to both MIDI and audio tracks processed with VariAudio in a harmonically correct way
  • Easily work with chords within the Project window
  • Cubase detects the harmony structure of your song
  • Enter chords directly within the Key Editor
  • Paint in chords directly as MIDI notes in the Key Editor
  • Integrates with Chorder plug-in, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE
Next Generation Audio Engine

  • Delivers a crystal-clear 32-bit floating-point resolution and 192kHz sample rate, with a pristine sound quality


  • Retrospective Record means that no take ever gets lost because record mode wasn’t engaged in time
  • VST plug-in can be recorded with the signal, or simply used for monitoring while the untouched, signal is recorded in Cubase
  • The intuitive user interface supports even the largest recording rigs, with easy-to-use folders, customizable Track views and custom color schemes for Tracks that differentiate track types at a glance
  • The VST Connections window allows the user to not only setup custom I/O setups and customize port names but also switch between different I/O setups on the fly
  • Additional functions have been engineered to accelerate recording workflows, including the Arm/Disarm All Audio Tracks function, the Lock Record mode, and the Remaining Record Time display

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Sample Editor

  • Allows almost limitless creative freedom while editing audio
  • A full editing toolset offers a huge range of functions that cover common editing tasks right down to the sample level
  • The loop functions include state-of-the-art transient detection, as well as audio quantization functions to perfect the timing, feel and flavor of live-recorded drum tracks

Intelligent Transient Detection

  • Accurate transient detection function based on a state-of-the-art algorithm
  • Finding all drum hits is easy with the intuitive preview feature and two specialized filters
  • Detect single hits, rolls and ghost notes faster and more accurately

Straightforward Drum Replacement

  • With the Hitpoint-to-MIDI function, it is very easy to replace, or double live-recorded drum sounds
  • When the transients have been detected, a single click creates a MIDI track with a MIDI note for each drum hit
  • From here, it’s only a matter of choosing which sampler or synthesizer to use

Warp Quantizing

  • Warp-quantize multiple audio tracks at once using the Quantize panel
  • By creating warp markers straight from hit points, both single audio loops as well as the entire arrangement can be non-destructively quantized with a single mouse click, just like MIDI parts
  • Because the audio events are warped instead of sliced, they automatically follow any tempo or pitch changes of your project while remaining uncluttered for easy arrangements

Ultra-Fast Take Comping

  • Build the perfect take – when recording several takes, Cubase instantly creates a Lane Track for each take
  • From here, simply swipe across the best parts and Cubase automatically creates a master take that contains all the selected parts
  • Comp tool offers click-and-drag features for immediate results

  • 32-bit floating-point mixing engine with 32 physical I/O, 8 inserts per channel, 64 FX returns, 32 groups/busses and unlimited routing between audio channels, busses, groups and FX returns
  • Scalable and dedicated full-screen mode
  • View Sets and Channel Zones for utmost flexibility
  • Customizable track icons and track notepad
  • Supports drag-and-drop throughout the mixer

Channel Strip

  • High- and low-pass filters plus 4-band StudioEQ with spectrum analyzer, noise gate and three compressors
  • Enveloper Shaper full controls attack and release
  • Tape and tube saturation
  • Brickwall Limiter and Loudness Maximizer modules
  • Includes over 300 presets


  • Dynamic inserts and sends provide streamlined overview
  • A/B comparison and global bypass of all audio effects
  • Plug-in search function
  • Optimized for mouse-free operation – virtually all channel elements are accessible by blind reader software and through the computer keyboard

Remote Control

  • Remote Control Editor lets you visually customize the parameter layout of individual effects and instruments on a control surface
  • Limited hardware control support
  • Just select a hardware knob or button and chose which parameter to control

Collaborate and Distribute

  • VST Connect SE can connect directly to other Cubase 7 users for remote collaboration and producing
  • Upload sounds and mixes directly to SoundCloud
  • Connect ReWire client applications in a 64-bit as well as a 32-bit environment under Windows and Mac OS X

Sidechain Input

  • Available on most VST 3 plug-ins included with Cubase
  • “Free routing” architecture allows virtually any signal in the VST mixer to be used as a sidechain input signal
  • Sidechain is a crucial function for audio-controlled effects such as ducking, but can be used creatively in many ways (for example controlling the LFO in modulation effects)

Total Export

  • Supports almost all standard formats, including AIFF, Sound Designer II, Wave, Wave 64, Broadcast Wave, MP3 and MP3 surround and Windows Media Audio Pro


Instruments and Effects
VST Effects

  • Collection of quality VST effect processors, including EQ, dynamic, modulation, reverb, filter, distortion and special effects
  • Total of forty-six real-time audio effects
  • Channel strip modules include compressors, analog tape saturation and brickwall limiter
  • VST Amp Rack infuses guitar tracks with drive, punch and clarity
  • PitchCorrect for automatic intonation control of monophonic audio sources

VST Instruments

  • Retrologue – virtual analog synthesizer for fat and funky lead and bass sounds
  • Padshop – granular synthesizer for spacious spheres and evolving textures
  • HALion Sonic SE – offers more than 1,200 production-ready sounds based on the acclaimed HALion technology
  • Groove Agent ONE – Powerful drum sampler with detailed sound shaping options
  • LoopMash 2 – offers a unique and innovative way of working with loops and beats to create new rhythms and grooves, seamlessly blending variations of both the included loops and any loop from the user’s library

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