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Free media player and editor demo
Developed by Leppsoft, Soundpad is a free media player that allows you to play sounds through audio devices and voice chats. You can also create and edit your sound by using a practical in-app audio recorder and editor. After creating or editing your sound, you can export them to various communication apps and games.
You might have heard about soundboards where people put sounds together as the popular Duke Nukem sounds. With the help of Soundpad, now you can play music for yourself and the people you are chatting with. You can now play sounds in voice chats with high digital quality. It’s similar to Wave Editor, AVS Audio Editor and Audacity.

These are some of the top Soundpad features:

  • Play exciting sounds on the default speaker for you and your friends. It plays just like a regular media player does.
  • Play sounds to your interlocutors only.
  • Use Soundpad from steam to play sounds for your speaker or microphone or even both. This is the default setting which is activated by clicking the hotkey.
  • Set your sound and play them quickly while playing fullscreen games.
  • If you have a noisy microphone, this is the best option for you. You don’t need to add the sound to the microphone signal. It will replace the signal, so your friends will hear the sound in source quality.
  • Find sounds faster by using the search bar. Press enter to go through the hits and press Ctrl+Enter to play the sound.
  • You can load and save different lists of sounds.
  • Record what you are hearing.
  • Edit your sounds to have fun with the application

How can you use Soundpad?
The core functionality of Soundpad is to provide sounds directly into voice chats and games. Soundpad acts like a soundboard for you, which allows you to keep all your audio files together and play them with the click of a customized hotkey. You can also use this app to create audio clips for different applications.

Use audio to your advantage
Soundpad’s consolidated audio editor allows you to cut an audio clip as per your desired length, and you can also compile and play multiple sounds to create something unique. Its volume integration allows fixing the audio volume to make it equalize to your voice so you won’t deafen others. It’s an excellent tool for when you need to really make exciting audio.

Installation Steps:

1. Download the software from the provided link.

2. Run the installer.

3. Follow the installation instructions.

4. Enjoy using the software.

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