Sonokinetic Ney v1.1 KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Ney v1.1 KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Ney v1.1 KONTAKT
Team VON.G | 6.64 GB

One of the oldest instruments in existence, the Ney has been played for about 5000 years.

Sonokinetic Ney v1.1 KONTAKT

Its distinguished sound reminiscent of deserts and oasis, this instrument can add an ethnic flavor to your compositions that is unmatched in its deep soulfulness and truthful timbre. The Ney’s breathy tone will transport you to ancient times and faraway places and capture your audience with an enchanting quality.
In line with previous Sonokinetic libraries such as the classical Kemene, Shahrazad and Sultan Drums, this Ney is captured in high fidelity audio quality, and it ships with a built-in musical heritage. Our Ney player Ahmet Cemal Oksuz blessed us with a deep understanding of both traditional heritage and a cinematic approach with regards to his playing. The instrument is a perfect match with the styles and flavors in other Sonokinetic ethnic sampled instrument and vocals.
For this production we sampled phrases in different Makams (middle eastern scales) using proprietary Ney flutes, the Neys used are Mansur, Kz, Bolhenk, Husseini and Siprde. For the playable legato and staccato instrument we focused on the Mansur Ney, this being the most all-round of all the flutes, with the largest range.
This Ney sample library is based on musical structures similar to the ones found in other Ethnic sampled instruments by Sonokinetic, making this a valuable addition to and perfect match with your Sonokinetic sampling products. Based on more than 10 different styles these performances are divided in traditional songs and improvisations. Where the songs focus more on melodies within a particularly Middle Eastern tone scale, improvisations use this tone material focus on a more ‘cinematical’ melodic approach.
This instrument ships with an intelligent legato scripted instrument, giving you an opportunity to play this instrument in real time and create your own melody lines, complete with transition notes and looped sustains.
Recorded at Sonokinetic Studios in Istanbul with our renowned and awarded sound team and Ney master Ahmet Cemal Oksuz, we’re very proud to release this unique instrument. We hope it will give you as much inspiration as it gave us and will suit your scoring template with elegance.
Sticking to our award-winning multi sampling / performance capturing concepts and teaming up with the world’s greatest musicians, recording artists, programmers, designers and scripters we are proud to present to you:
Core samples: Ney flute
1 instrument for Kontakt 4.2.4 and Kontakt 5.1.0
Temposynced Phrases featuring Intelligent Time Machine (ITM)
Phrasing available pitched to key
13600+ samples. (7+ GB sample content)
Authentic Legato samples and scripting
Traditional Songs & Improvisation phrases
Auto Breath sounds between phrases
xfade modwheel dynamics for legato patches
Switchable velocity mix control for staccato and non-looped ‘natural’ sustains patch
Modwheel phrase start control
GUI harmonic key display
Full tempo sync control.
Kontakt 5 optimized “Time machine Pro” programming
Transparent tempo stretch overview via switchable GUI element
1 impulse response: 24 bit wave format
Real-time sample content purging and loading
End Users License Agreement
Ney Reference document (PDF)
Artwork : “Ney” DVD cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa
All files in 48 kHz , 24 Bit NCW format.
Programmed for Native Instruments Kontakt (Full versions!)



Download link:

File.Al - Sonokinetic_Ney_v1.1_KONTAKT

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4. Run the patch
5. Enjoy!
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