ReVitalize (for MAC) Full Cracked Latest Version Download

ReVitalize (for MAC) Full Cracked Latest Version Download

Our eyes are very adaptive and they are also more sensitive to intensity than color.
An image that has enough intensity variation is perceived by our eyes (or brain) as far more vibrant, lively and exciting.
ReVitalize can be also described as a Pseudo HDR software because the look from a good source picture can be very HDR-like. Many people are surprised how good the results can be from just a single JPG image.
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If you like ReVitalize, check out also our Dynamic Light (iPhone) and DynaLightHD (iPad) applications.

The result image below may look like a HDR (High Dynamic Range) image, but it is not. It is produced from just a single JPG image processed with our ReVitalize application.


ReVitalize uses easy to understand interface with immediate preview of the settings.

There is no need to read pages of text how to use it, just start with the default settings and change sliders one at the time to see what it does – it will certainly change the character of the image. When you like the result, click on the Process and Save button.Instruments
The unique Curves, Color Equalizer and Color Shift graph Instruments will also allow you to adjust or completely re-arrange the colors of the image. Those seemingly simple controls will let you pinpoint and change the exact color or color range, like for example increase/decrease saturation of certain colors or shift some colors towards other hue (in our example below we shifted blue colors of the sky to red)

Cool Parametric Denoising
Get noise under your control. We added new parametric Denoising Instrument in v1.1. Here you can selectively fine-tune de-noising algorithm to your exact taste by using a graph. For example In the heavy noisy image below we added rather strong amount of de-noising in the darks while trying to salvage as much highlights as we can without de-noising effect.

Black & White Revive Black & White photography of the past with the simple, yet powerful Light Filter mixing ball. Turn the ball and the character of the photo changes by adjusting the amount how each color contributes to the Black & White result.

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