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With Poser Pro’s OpenGL improvements, you’ll see accurate, real-time previews of Spot, Point, Infinite and IBL (Image Based Lights) Lights, Soft Shadows, with Ambient Occlusion, Normal Maps and Back Facing Polygons in a Gamma Corrected scene.

The Light Properties control allows the user to toggle specific lights to preview in the scene, with accumulated brightness for each selected light. MIP Map support improves performance when previewing large textures. Our OpenGL hardware improvements preview textures more efficiently, with reliable onscreen display of lights, shadows, and color, for smarter interactive scene creation.

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SubSurface Scattering

Skin, wax, and marble are just some of the materials that are translucent when struck by light. To recreate this subtle yet crucial effect when rendering these materials in Poser, we’ve incorporated a set of easy to configure SubSurface Scattering Material Nodes. New Nodes include SubSurface Skin, Fast Scatter, and basic Scatter. The Scatter Node includes a number of optimized pre-sets for Skin, Marble, Milk, Fruit and Vegetables. With Poser’s new SubSurface Materials, you’ll transform your scenes into rendered masterpieces with lifelike translucent surfaces.
subsurface scattering Posersubsurface scattering Poser

Rendering Performance Improvements

Poser’s FireFly Rendering Engine keeps getting better with numerous improvements in reflections, transparencies, depth of field and motion blur quality, netting visibly smoother results without significantly impacting render times. We’ve invested time in Indirect Lighting (IDL) which now supports Ambient Occlusion (AO) with faster transparency rendering. We’ve also enabled Light Casting Objects to be invisible in final renderings yet still contribute illumination to the scene. In addition to our new SubSurface Scattering Nodes, we’ve included a new Custom Scatter Node to support effects such as bioluminescent skin.

Weight Map Rigging

High-end professional 3D applications like Max and Maya have set the standard for Weight Map Rigging, and now both Poser and Poser Pro provide the most open vertex Weight Mapping support available to Poser users today. Weight Map Rigging offers several benefits including smoother bending folds and bulges with vertex by vertex control over every bend or bulge. Weight Maps can be added to any joint bend, to twist and scaling channels and can be used to control bulges. Plus Poser takes the standard of Weight Map Rigging several steps further with support for Hybrid Joint Rigging (combining traditional Poser Sphere/Capsule Zones with Weight Maps), using either single mesh geometry or traditionally grouped geometry, and enables Weight Maps or zones to affect any number of body parts beyond the current joint. Poser’s new Weight Map Rigging provides a platform that will support third party figures that use Weight Mapping, by expanding the open, well documented and easily editable Poser PZ3 file format, to encourage creativity and user driven enhancements to Poser figures.

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Expanded Context Menus

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference. Poser’s expanded Context Menus will vastly improve interaction and scene creation, and change the way you work with Poser forever. Six unique Context Menus have been developed for Figures, Actors, Objects, Lights, Cameras and Backgrounds to provide quick access to the most useful menu operations including selecting, toggling IK on/off, copying symmetry in poses, pointing lights, conforming clothing, setting parenting, changing light types, and even hiding/revealing all items in a Grouping Object. Once you start using Poser’s new Context Menus, you’ll enjoy working and playing with Poser all over again.
weightmap riggingsubsurface scattering Poser

Grouping Objects

Need a way to move, scale or hide a bunch of objects in a Poser scene, at the same time? Now you can simply add any number of scene elements, from figures and props to lights, into a Grouping Object. They can be moved, rotated, scaled and animated or even hidden and revealed. Create multiple Grouping Objects to hold different areas of a scene, or related props and figures. Adding selected scene elements into any Grouping Object is easy using our powerful new Context Menu controls. This significant new feature will change how you manage your scenes, providing you plenty of control over whole groups of objects in that scene.

Full Scene Category in Library

In the past, if you wanted to re-use a Poser scene with that perfect environment settings, lights, cameras, props and dependencies and even render settings, you had to build it, save it, then find and import it. With the new Scene Category in the Library you simply add that full Poser scene with lights, cameras, all props and figures in place, and with all dependencies right into the Library. From there your new scenes can be dragged directly from the Library into the Poser workspace. For Poser content developers this new feature will enable you to deliver full constructed scenes with dependencies and optimal render settings that require less user support and are far easier to use.

weightmap rigging
subsurface scattering Poser

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