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PhpStorm — PHP IDE for developing smarter, not harder

What’s new in PhpStorm 6?

PhpStorm provides a mix of powerful intelligent tools, useful everyday actions and best practices for PHP development, all geared toward enhancing your productivity.

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PHP Development

PhpStorm 6 features new refactorings to keep your code in the best shape possible, including Change signature, Pull Up/Push Down class members, and Move class to for another namespace.

The Composer dependency manager for PHP is now supported with following functionality:

  • Create a new project with Composer
  • Init composer within existing project
  • Manage dependencies and add packages with a user-friendly UI
  • Work with Composer via the command line tool including command autocompletion within the IDE


Namespaces PhpStorm now provides smarter handling of namespaces, with Auto-Import, Optimize Imports, folding for Imports, and more.
Code (Re)arranger Code (re)arranger is a powerful tool to control the structure of your existing and generated code. For example, you can specify methods to be ordered after fields or keep dependent methods together.
All templates are now full customizable, including PHPDoc and overridden/implemented method body. Now you can configure what content these parts of code will initially have when they are generated automatically.
PhpStorm 6 provides even more code inspections, smarter code completion, and better runtime error prevention to help make your coding as effective and error-free as possible.
New Database Schema Editor
New change tracking tools and a Database schema editor are available in PhpStorm 6:
  • With new Edit Tools you can add, drop or rename tables, columns, keys and indices for your databases
  • Definition Editor allows you to edit the definition for views, procedures and packages, with code assistance
  • Diff Tool helps you easily generate an SQL migration schema for differences between selected tables or databases
  • And many other improvements and new features, such as manual transaction control, table data export, better dialects support, and enhanced overall user experience


There are still more features to be checked out in PhpStorm 6: Code folding in Twig templates for blocks and control structures; Debugging and Testing improvements; Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste for files and folders between Project View and Remote Host; PHP Mess Detector Support; TextMate bundles support; VCS tools improvements; Live Edit with HTML5 support; and an updated IdeaVim plugin.

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Brand New Web Toolkit

Enable File Watchers for easy automatic transpilation of SASS, LESS, SCSS, CoffeeScript, or Typescript into languages recognized by browsers on all platforms.
Full-featured debugging of CoffeeScript, TypeScript or Dart with source maps is also available. If you have a minified JS, you can debug it with source maps as well.
We’ve revised our approach to handling JavaScript libraries, allowing JS developers to work transparently with minimized and compiled files stored in the project tree. The IDE smartly uses them for code completion and navigation only when needed and ignores them the rest of the time.
REST Client REST Client is now integrated in the IDE to let you test RESTful web services right from PhpStorm. Simply invoke different requests over HTTP (e.g. GET, POST, PUT and others) to RESTful APIs with various parameters and get response and response headers.
Emmet for HTML and CSS PhpStorm 6 also introduces improvements for HTML and CSS coding with a significantly re-worked HTML structure view and support for Emmet for HTML and CSS in the editor. If you’re looking to level-up your HTML and CSS coding speed, PhpStorm’s got you covered.

IDE Improvements

Fresh Look and Feel, Darcula UIPhpStorm 6 has been completely re-designed with a fresh IDE look and feel. To explore the darker side of PHP coding, turn your lights down and try out Darcula, our new native dark UI theme for the IDE and the editor.
If you’re a happy owner of a new MacBook, feast your eyes on a set of new Retina-ready icons.
An IDE may not be as fast as your good old notepad, but with all the functionality listed above you’re guaranteed to enjoy up to 3x performance improvement.

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