Download Udemy – Autodesk Maya 2020.2 NURBS Modelling Techniques Cracked

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Duration 3h 30m Project Files Included MP4


Title: Udemy – Autodesk Maya 2020.2 NURBS Modelling Techniques

You should have Autodesk Maya to follow along with the course
3-button mouse
3d artist Sushil Kumar Lawaniya has recently released a “Maya 2020.2 NURBS Modelling Techniques” in Autodesk Maya. This course dives deep into curves, surfaces, keeping objects organized, efficient NURBS modeling, time-saving techniques and more.

NURBS modeling techniques are used in the visual effects industry for creating highly detailed, hard surfaced models. Learn how to create NURBS surfaces from curves by using the loft, extrude, revolve, and planar surface tools.

Learn numerous tips for efficient NURBS modeling, including how to keep objects organized using display layers, how to create accurate scale models using reference images, and discover countless time-saving techniques.

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Download Ezra Cohen – Tour Visual Elements Vol 3 MOV 4K Cracked

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Ezra Cohen – Tour Visual Elements Vol 3 MOV 4K


Title: Ezra Cohen – Tour Visual Elements Vol 3 MOV 4K

Only MOV, no MP4

Tour Visual Elements is back and better than ever. All new sci-fi inspired textures, loops, and text layers to take your films/shows to the next level. Now with alpha channel on every layer!


– ALL NEW sci-if inspired motion elements, textures, and loops!
– Prores 4444 + alpha .mov for drag-and-drop overlay (blending modes optional)
– Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Davinci, AE, Resolume, and more
– Easily customize textures, colors, and effects
– Use as show-ready live visuals or overlays in your films

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Download Victory3d – 3D Game Environment Cathedral Creation Cracked

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Duration Project Files Included MP4


Title: Victory3d – 3D Game Environment Cathedral Creation

3D Game Environment Cathedral Creation
Modeling, Unwrapping, Texturing, Game Setup using 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, & Unreal Engine

Course Info

In this course, we will go through the steps of creating an environment from start to finish which includes modeling, texturing, material creation, world building, lighting and post effects.

The major topics we will be covering are:

-Modeling intricate super-detailed architectural scene
-Creating tileable textures to use on our structural pieces
-Creating props with their own unique textures
-Creating detailed materials in Unreal engine
-Building a level in Unreal engine
-Creating day lighting and night lighting
-Adding post effects for our level

By the end of this course, you will be able to create an amazing game-ready interior environment. You will gain knowledge on how to create detailed modular objects, how to create clean tileable textures and how to work within unreal engine 4 to take a level to final including level art, lighting and post effects.

Before beginning this course, you should have a basic knowledge of 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Substance designer and Unreal engine 4 If you are truly interested in learning how such highly detailed environments are created in AAA game companies, then this course is for you. In this course, you will understand the complete process of making production-ready environments such as those that you see in the video games that you play today. There is a 30-day money back guarantee so you really don’t have anything to lose. Where you will stand and the new things that you will be able to do tomorrow will largely depend on what you do to improve yourself today. So invest in yourself because your future depends on it. Come and join in the Game Environment Cathedral Creation at Victory3D.

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Download Lumion Render Course by Nuno Silva Cracked

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Lumion Render Course by Nuno Silva


Title: Lumion Render Course by Nuno Silva

About this Course
Learn the quickest way to make world-class renders in Lumion.

Do you want to make better renders? Lumion is the easiest render software to learn.

This Lumion course is aimed towards the highest quality and realism with the shortest render time!
Up your rendering game to the next level!

You’ll learn how to create high-end images. Whether you’re an Architect, Interior Designer, 3D Visualisation Artist, 3D Generalist, 3D Artist, General Lumion User, or just want to be able to make world-class 3D renders – this course will help you make better 3D images.

Get all the assets, ready for you to use.
I included 3d models, textures, and assets so you can follow along with any Lumion version. You can follow along at your own pace, step by step.

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Download Udemy – How To Create a Mobile Game for iOS with Unreal Engine 4 Cracked

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Duration 3h 30m MP4


Title: Udemy – How To Create a Mobile Game for iOS with Unreal Engine 4

Udemy – How To Create a Mobile Game for iOS with Unreal Engine 4

Go through the whole process of creating an iOS game until it is published on the app store.

Learn how to become an apple developer and start programming with the Unreal Engine 4. Test your game directly on your iOS device, or share it with friends on Testflight.

Learn how to set up all the features that a good mobile game needs, like in app purchases and leaderboards.

What you’ll learn

Go through the whole process of creating an iOS game until it is published on the app store.
Set up everything to get started as an Apple developer.
Learning more about blueprints in Unreal Engine 4.
Learn how to publish your app on the app store.
Learn how to use Testflight to let other people test your App.
Learn how to set up In app purchases.
Learn how to implement game center features like a leaderboard.
Learn how to program a highscore based game, in which you fly a spaceship through an endless world on a iOS device, controlled by your finger.

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Download FilmConvert Nitrate OFX v3.04 CE Win Cracked

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FilmConvert Nitrate OFX v3.04 CE Win


Title: FilmConvert Nitrate OFX v3.04 CE Win


Camera profiles
We work with a wide range of popular cameras to deliver the most precise picture profiles available. We then use those profiles to match to your chosen film stocks to create a stunning and accurate result.
Our Camera Packs contain accurate data for each Camera Picture Style so we can tailor each film stock to your camera, allowing authentic Film Stock looks across a wide range of cameras and settings. We continue to work directly with camera companies to bring you the latest profiles.
Your FilmConvert license gives you access to all the camera packs currently available + 12 months of new camera pack updates.

Real Film Grain
Add real grain to your footage, scanned at 6k.
Unlike other plugins that simply overlay film grain, FilmConvert realistically models the amount of grain required for each color and exposure level in your image.

19 Film Stocks to choose from
With the majority of people shooting on digital these days, film makers are striving to achieve the desirable qualities of film stocks when grading in post. Often, this requires a good team of colorists, however we bridge that process for everyone! We recreate the grain structure and spectral responses of a variety of modern film stocks, from Kodak® to FujiFilm®.

Create and export 3D LUTs using FilmConvert
LUTs are a great way to export your grade for use on devices or any compatible software. Here are some ways this can help improve your workflow.
You can use 3D LUTs on your monitor for on-set visualization. View on your monitor the look you will apply during post-production.
You can load 3D LUTs into most color-grading software, which can be useful in workflows where plugin support is limited.
You can export a 3D LUT to share your grade with others working on your film.
You can export your grade as a .cube LUT from any non-trial plugin version of FilmConvert. You cannot currently export .cube LUTs from the desktop app version at this time.

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10

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Download Gumroad – ROBOT BLOCKS Urban Kitbash V1 Cracked

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Gumroad – ROBOT BLOCKS Urban Kitbash V1


Title: Gumroad – ROBOT BLOCKS Urban Kitbash V1



3DSMAX NATIVE 2020 / 2017
3DSMAX FSTORM mats & daylight 2020 / 2017
3DSMAX CORONA mats & daylight 2020 / 2017


3D MODELS mainly For ArchViz & Concept
Topology is basic / cad software style / last thumbnail wireframe sample
Basic Textures
Around 4,000,000 Polygons ( all objects )
Made for Environments or medium distance shots, not ideal for close Up

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Download Marvelous Designer 10 Personal 6.0.351 Win x64 Cracked

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Marvelous Designer 10 Personal 6 0 351 Win x64


Title: Marvelous Designer 10 Personal 6.0.351 Win x64

With our versatile compatibility with other 3D software and interactive design interface, you can instantaneously edit and drape garments onto 3D forms with high-fidelity simulation. Marvelous Designer’s innovative pattern-based approach has already been adopted by top game studios such as EA Konami and can be seen on the big-screen in animation films including The Hobbit and The Adventures of Tin Tin, created by Weta Digital. What are you waiting for? Stunning design is at your fingertips.

Expand your character’s closet with clothes for every occasion.
Marvelous Designer allows you to build a rich wardrobe for your characters where each garment can be modified and reused. Every shirt or dress you create can now be transformed in endless ways. Mix and match between outfits and characters. Adding variety has never been easier.

You don’t have to be a fashion designer. It’s simple and easy.
Our technology is based on the art of sewing and patternmaking (making the blueprint for a garment), which we believe is the only way to realistically express garments. You don’t need a fashion design background to create clothing using Marvelous Designer. It is surprisingly easy and simple with our intuitive tools. Build your skills by mastering our online curriculum.

Easy-to-use software that just makes sense.
Designing ‘true to life’ virtual garments is easy and straightforward with our intuitive user interface and tools such as arrangement points and pins. Marvelous Designer saves you from guessing how clothes should fit in real life. Textural coordinates are packaged along with your patterns for simple data translation and use. Edit textures, fabrics and its physical properties via preset our library to accurately simulate onto your characters without costing countless hours.

Authentic simulation for amazing animation.
Bringing your characters to life shouldn’t take a lifetime. Traditional modeling and sculpting techniques require hours of work for each wrinkle, bend, and fold and don’t guarantee convincing results. Marvelous Designer’s animation cache functionality with high-polygon modeling makes it possible to capture the realistic movement of clothing when draped onto moving characters, whether they are running, jumping, or twirling midair.

Revolutionizing 3D virtual clothing.
Marvelous Designer’s novel pattern-based approach allows not only for beautiful graphics, but also compiles your garments’ data to be reused, revamped, and refreshed again and again.

Pattern Creation and Editing
Our expansive pattern design feature lets you easily create and edit rectangular, circular, or any other polygon shaped patterns. In addition, we provide intuitive interfaces such as moving point/segment in parallel/perpendicular fashion, moving point/segment via input value, or dividing the segment in proportion.

Segment and Free Sewing

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Download Gumroad – Spaceship Kit Cracked

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Gumroad – Spaceship Kit


Title: Gumroad – Spaceship Kit

Includes 128 components I use on a daily basis for my own work. The geometry is NOT sub D geometry and does NOT include UVs. FBX format comes with each component grouped and named. OBJ format comes in 10 chunks that will have to be split and organized.

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Download Victory3D – Male Character Creation – Game Pipeline Cracked

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Victory3D – Male Character Creation – Game Pipeline


Title: Victory3D – Male Character Creation – Game Pipeline

5 sections 127 lectures 31h 22m total length
with project files

Basic knowledge of Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, & Photoshop required

Course Info:
We will begin by sculpting our character in Zbrush. I will show you the important things you need to watch out for when sculpting a male character, and how to get a perfect proportion so the character will look great with clothing. We will create our cloth in Marvelous Designer and then add extra details in Zbrush to really bring out the quality. We will model our armor, sword and our accessories using Maya, we will cover techniques on how to create clean hard surface edges and a nice organic feel for some specific props. We will create details like scratches and damages to the armor, belt, straps, and the rest of our accessories to truly bring them to life. After creating our high resolution meshes, we will retopologize everything so we can have a clean topology that is animation-ready. Then we will unwrap our models, bake our maps and create our textures. We will then apply all of these textures to our character to further enhance it. Our final result will be an amazing full body male character fitted with clothing and props that is suitable for animation and game engine.

From sculpting your character, to retopologizing and creating proper UVs, to texturing and presentation, by the end of this course, you will have a professional game-ready character. Commit to being the best artist you can be. Be actively engaged in the pursuit of success. When you put in the work with patience and effort, achievement will follow. Come and join me in this course at Victory3D.

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Download ArchViz Artist – Vray Cracked

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ArchViz Artist – Vray


Title: ArchViz Artist – Vray

The one core system behind
EVERY fabulous image…
We’ve been sure that 3d artists who make outstanding images aren’t doing it by chance, luck, or coincidence. That’s why we have spent a lot of years looking for the answers on how to create great images…


It’s the system that has helped us get the attention of the viewers, present our work at the highest level and use software as an artistic tool. The most powerful, most proven route to achieving the results you’re dreaming of.

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Download Gumroad – Trim sheet tutorial – Shawnell Priester Cracked

Gumroad – Trim sheet tutorial – Shawnell Priester

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Duration 3h 36m Project Files Included MP4


Title: Gumroad – Trim sheet tutorial – Shawnell Priester

Here is a Trim Sheet Tutorial i created along side my HoloBay Environment using Unreal4.
I wanted to create a tutorial that focuses solely on this topic to provide clear ideas and how this can be approached. I share my ideas and workflow which i believe will enable you to execute on your vision and become even more proficient than you already are!

In this tutorial you will learn about:
texel density
unwrapping and application
overall process

HoloBay Trim Sheet Files Included

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Download Marcobucciartstore – Getting Started with Digital Painting Cracked

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Getting Started with Digital Painting


Title: Marcobucciartstore – Getting Started with Digital Painting

Software training material for anyone who wants to hit the ground running with digital painting.

My goal with this class is to demystify the software and processes, so that your creativity can take the reins! It will show you how to set up the digital workspace for optimal workflow, and take you through the most common and useful functions, brushes, tools, filters, layers and painting processes.

Three popular digital painting softwares will be used:
They will be used to show how each app performs the same functions, and with lessons that can essentially be extrapolated to most digital painting apps available today.

The class is aimed at:

New artists (of all ages)
Traditional artists looking to apply their existing skills in the digital medium
Anybody who is daunted by the task of creating art on a computer
The class will break down topics such as:

The user interface, and how to customize it for optimal workflow
The tools bar
Brushes, both using them, adjusting their settings, importing brushpacks and creating your own
Making brushes look less digital and more natural
Common digital selection tools, masking, sampling, warping, skewing, etc.
When and how to use layers
Layer FX
Working with common editing tools such as curves, levels, exposure adjustments
**A set of my brushes are included with this purchase. They work in both Photoshop and Procreate**
and more!

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Download Learn Squared – User Interfaces and Information Design for Movies Cracked

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Learn Squared – User Interfaces and Information Design for Movies


Title: Learn Squared – User Interfaces and Information Design for Movies

Lesson 1
Dissecting the Creative Brief
Starting with a client’s creative brief, Ash will demonstrate his design habits from square one. We will practice pulling ideas from the mind and implementing them into artwork. Ash will document the journey from a small thumbnail sketch all the way to a complex final piece.

52 mins
3 Lectures
Project Files
Lesson 2
Mind Mapping
Using references is sometimes a trickier process than it may seem. In this lesson, Ash will show when and where to pull references from, and how to best use them in your work with “mind mapping” techniques. From there, we will explore the daunting world of fonts, how to organize them, and why we choose them.

36 mins
3 Lectures
Lesson 3
Organizing Your Assets
Here is where we will begin turning our sketches into digital imagery. Ash will show you how to set up grids and layout guides in a file of design assets to keep your work organized. We will then take our thumbnails from Lesson 1 and learn to interpret them as rough digital concepts.

1 hr & 14 mins
3 Lectures
Project Files
Lesson 4
Building the Asset Army
Here’s where things start to get intense! Ash will introduce you to his Cinema 4D workflow and demonstrate how he generates large amounts of detailed content. Learn how Ash sets up his Photoshop documents and integrates assets into the beginning stages of the “Golden Frame.”

2 hrs & 51 mins
3 Lectures
Project Files
Lesson 5
The Golden Frame
Setting a benchmark for the visual theme of your project is a vital step of the process. Here, Ash will create the “Golden Frame,” to which all the following frames will work toward. Learn what aspects to focus on, how to manage your time, and knowing when to move on to the next part of the design.

1 hr & 23 mins
3 Lectures
Project Files
Lesson 6
Bringing it All Together
Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far. Now it’s time to reflect on your work, as Ash shows you how to make the finishing touches. You’ll learn to evaluate a design from a bird’s eye view, and make detailed final adjustments.

2 hrs & 20 mins
3 Lectures
Project Files
Lesson 7
Practice Makes Perfect
Working well with other artists can sometimes be a joy, and other times a nightmare. Ash prefers the former, so he’ll walk you through his steps for making sure that happens. Learn how a basic delivery pipeline works, and how to share files with as little headache as possible.

1 hr & 59 mins
3 Lectures
Project Files
Lesson 8
Professional Presentations
You’re almost there! In this final lesson, Ash will show you how to present your work in a professional manner. Learn to sell your design concepts with clarity and ease with a competent website and portfolio. Explore the best ways to get the most bang for your buck and land a job or attract new clients.

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Download Gumroad – Sword & Mace Tutorial Ultimate Bundle Edition – Tim Bergholz Cracked

Post Cover

Duration 18h 32m Project Files Included MP4


Title: Gumroad – Sword & Mace Tutorial Ultimate Bundle Edition – Tim Bergholz


20 HD Video Files
Low and highpoly files in case you just want to follow along certain chapters.
Essential reference images
Duration: 18hrs 32 min video MP4 format with full audio commentary in English


The ultimate melee bundle edition! You will get both the SWORD and the MACE Tutorial with a bit of a saving on top.

Create TRIPLE A Quality game art in ZBrush, 3Ds Max, Substance Painter and portfolio ready renders in Marmoset Toolbag 3. Do you think about a career in the video game industry as a 3D Artist and happen to like maces and swords? Then these tutorials are perfect for you. Follow along as we block out, sculpt, unwrap, bake and texture to triple A video game standards. Every step is documented without fast forwarding Also included is the “Beginners Guide to ZBrush” that will go over everything you need to know in 30 minutes.

3Ds Max – Blockout

Both the Mace and the Sword tutorial start in 3Ds Max where we set up our reference image and then create a block out versions which serve the purpose to have a base meshes that we will import to ZBrush.

ZBrush – High Poly modeling

After we create the blockout model in 3DS MAX we are going to import it to ZBrush where we then use Zremesher and other tools in preparation of the highpoly modeling. These multiple hour long chapters, especially of the sword tutorial aim to make you a ZBrush expert as we combine organic (skull and snake head) with hard surface elements. Learning by doing as we create our highpoly models and make use of any feature and function that helps us getting the most out of ZBrush.

Learn about tools, subtools, brushes, masking, Zremesher, Dynamesh… and pretty much anything else you need to know to create triple A content within Zbrush. At the end of the Sword ZBrush part you will learn how to use ZRemesher to create a base lowpoly version which is a massive time save over having to retopologize the lowpoly from scratch.

3Ds Max – Lowpoly & Unwrapping

After we are done in ZBrush we export our finished highpoly models back into 3DS Max and create a game ready lowpoly model. In the Sword tutorial we will make use of the zremeshed parts that we created in ZBrush as well as combining parts of the of the original blockout model. After the lowpoly phases we will jump into the UV Editor and start unwrapping in order to have the perfect UV layout for out later texture. At the end of both the SWORD and the MACE tutorials we will prepare the low and highpoly models by making sure we have the right naming convention, smoothing group setup as well as materials assigned.

Substance Painter – Texturing

In the Substance Painter part we will then bake our normal map as well as other important support maps. Right after that you will learn how to make an ultra realistic textures. Learn how to create base layer materials and how to use procedural textures, masks and generators to form up the wear and tear on our sword resulting in a photo realistic appearance. You will also get to know the latest tools that Substance Painter currently has to offer. Learn how to stamp in mysterious rune text as well as making use of the emissive channel (SWORD only) for this extra cool look.

Marmoset Toolbag 3- Portfolio ready renders (SWORD only)

As a finishing touch we will make a short visit to Marmoset Toolbag 3 where we create portfolio ready renders. Learn how lighting setup works in combination with Marmosets powerful camera settings as well as creating collages in Photoshop.

What are the requirements?

It is recommended to follow the course with the same software we use throughout the tutorial: 3Ds Max 2020, ZBrush 2019 (or 2020) as well as the latest version of Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag 3 and Photoshop. (last two are not a must as the main focus is on modeling and texturing)

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