Bikecad PRO Full Programs Download 1

Bikecad PRO Full Programs Download

Bikecad PRO [cracked] download

BikeCAD Pro is a standalone application for bicycle framebuilders, shops and fit specialists. The software runs on any operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux.

BikeCAD Rider Animation

BikeCAD Pro is much like the free version, except it does not run inside a web browser and does not require an Internet connection. It also includes several additional features not available in the free version. Additional features include:

  • Allows full access to the Fit Advisor along with the ability to customize the Fit Advisor formulas and interface.
  • Import photos and underlay them behind the model for reference purposes.
  • Routine tasks can be done more efficiently in BikeCAD Pro using Templates.
  • Customize the BikeCAD Pro interface.
  • Paint palettes can be customized.
  • Bikecad PRO Full Programs Download 2
  • Gain full access to all dimensions in the Dimensions dialog box. Additional dimensions can also be added anywhere to your model using user dimensions.
  • Markup your model with on-screen notes.
  • BikeCAD Pro also displays several auxiliary views for displaying seat stays and chain stays, as well as lean angle, fork crown clearance and toe overlap.
  • Take a snapshot of a current design and compare it with subsequent modifications.
  • Investigate and fix problematic curved tubes.
  • Check if your design complies with UCI regulations.
  • BikeCAD Pro also generates various forms of output such as miter templates, CSV files, animated GIFs, and full dimensioned drawings in PDF, SVG, and bitmap form.
  • Easily drag and drop designs into the BikeCAD interface


Bikecad PRO Full Download

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